Animals as Therapy

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People who have animals as "family members" know how much their animals affect their quality of life.  Animals lovers can't imagine not having animals as part of their lives. 

You can see the effect animals have on people every day at Phoenix Ranch.  They are effective mood enhancers.  At our events, when people visit, when volunteers are working in the harsh Vacaville heat--- there is no shortage of smiles.  Several children with problem behaviors have had remarkable changes occur after they spent time at the ranch:  reduced aggression and anxiety, increased verbal communications, increased ability to focus on tasks, increase in self-esteem to name a few.

There is scientific evidence that shows a physiological basis for this.   


Oxytocin release when your dog's eyes meets yours

 Oxytocin's effect on depression and social behavior
We have had some remarkable responses from autistic visitors. Their caregivers remark on how much they come out of their shell and talk when they are mingling with the animals.  Hence, it is not surprising that oxytocin is also being studied as an aid to reach those with autism.




 Phoenix Ranch has provided this opportunity at no charge for many people for over 10 years.  The donations we suggest are very affordable. 


We would like to continue this service but need the community's help.  The feed and insurance costs are very high.  There is no outside financial support which means no resources to hire employees,  so the hours are long and tiring. Additionally, we are being required to get costly permits to use Phoenix Ranch II.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to CETA Foundation

  • through your workplace (we're listed in the Combined Federal Campaign as California Education Through Animals Foundation EIN#26-0881193)
  • through our fundraising drive  
  • through Paypal (
  • a check made out to CETA Foundation

Using Dr. Chan's veterinary services, buying eggs and laying hens, and hiring our ponies for leadline rides all help us pay the bills to keep doing what we do so well.

Thank you for your support!