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Phoenix Ranch is an 8 acre ranch  between Sacramento and San Francisco, California off I-80.

Located in the rolling hills of Vacaville California north of the Nut Tree airport, we have a wonderful view of the Sacramento valley, the Coast Ranges and Mt. Diablo. The delta breezes and gravity irrigation keep the ranch relatively cool in the summer valley heat. Sunrise and sunsets are beautiful and restful.  It is a sanctuary for both people and animals.


A wide variety of animals make this their home. Many are rescues who are recovering from emotional or physical trauma.  Some will find their Forever Home here.  Others are breeds or species that have a special role in relationship to people as producers of food or fiber, or protectors and helpers.  In turn, we learn their needs and natural behaviors in a mixed-species social setting. 

 Over the years, we've developed new techniques of housing and training a variety of species.  We also study the interplay of the land and livestock to develop environmentally friendly methods of accomodating their respective needs. 

The animals are highly socialized and used in animal-assisted therapy work by CETA Foundation for depression, dementia, autism, and behavior problems .    We have been successful in helping those with depression, dementia, autism and at-risk youth.  The animals, with their friendly ways, spark an interest in learning, so are valuable tools for  teaching programs.

 Phoenix Ranch's pastures are gravity-irrigated and no herbicides or discing used to keep the thistles in check. Thus, we have an abundance of wildlife here as well.  Hawks,  kites, owls, egrets, quail, turkey and migratory birds spend time in our trees and pastures.  Lizards and the occasional gopher snake hang out on the fence lines.  Pacific tree toads can be found in our water troughs.  Ground squirrels, jack rabbits,  oppossums, shrews and voles are some of our non-domestic mammal visitors.










We've been breeding African Greys, Jardines parrots and cockatiels since 1994. Though we have retired most of our breeders, we occasionally have babies or older birds available for new homes. We take in parrots as rescues when possible.   Mister, a rescue, is now our resident cockatoo who enjoys entertaining visitors.


We have Icelandic horses, a llama, pot-bellied pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and the more usual dogs and cats.  Though they all have their "homes" where they are fed and rest,  they intermingle quite a bit. 

To discuss how we might help you with  presentations, therapy sessions or animal-interaction experiences, please call us at (707) 678-0580 or email Dr. Chan at:






Donations to California Education Through Animals (CETA) Foundation helps keep the ranch operating

 For more information about CETA Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization,  see