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You are welcome to email info@cetafoundation.com or leave a message at 707-678-0580. 

You can also use the little form below to include in your email to give us the information we need to make communications more efficient. 


I would like to participate in :

  • Animal rescue (fostering) and rehab (training)
  • Spay/Neuter program

I would like to adopt a rescue animal

I would like to arrange a CETA presentation/lesson about:

for (describe participants) :

I would like to arrange therapy sessions (describe needs, participants) :

 I would like to volunteer for

  • fundraising
  • helping with presentations and lessons
  • animal care
  • office work

I would like to make a tax-deductible donation of:

I would like to be on your email list for CETA news____

I only can receive snail mail  (goes out less often)____

Name :

email address:


mailing address :


You can also print this form and send it to :

      CETA Foundation, 5046 Midway Rd, Vacaville, CA  95688