VETERINARY OUTREACH: Research & Consultation

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Because many people find the technical language of their veterinarians difficult, we offer "interpretation services" and second opinion of the care your animal may already be receiving.  Telephone consultations can be done for $20 for owners who have registered with us as clients (paid the $10 owner registration fee) and if their animals have received vaccinations or exams from us in the past.  If the animal has never been seen by us, then we require an examination ($20 per animal).  Housecall fees are additional.  Please have copies of your medical records or any bloodwork already done. 


Presentations and informational articles can be done on a wide variety of subjects. Below is a list of subjects in which we have expertise:

  • Basic Care for Your Animal Friend ( dogs and cats, guinea pigs, pocket pets, rabbits, birds,  reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, chickens, sheep, horses)
  • How to Spot Signs of Health Problems in Your Pet
  • How to Be Safe with Animals
  • What Your Animal is Trying to Tell You
  • How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Family Ideas for Easy Maintenance & Happy Pets
  • Special Needs of Secondhand Pets
  • Animal Husbandry and Management of Herds/Flocks/Colonies
  • Disease Control
  • Nutrition
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Alternative / Holistic Medicine
  • "Green" Concepts for Animal Care

Fees depend on the length of time and travel involved.


We can also help you with research and problem-solving:

  • Research design
  • Analysis of data
  • Written reports of findings
  • Literature searches

Projects can be charged at an hourly rate or by the project.


For more information, leave a message at (707) 678-0580 or email