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At Phoenix Ranch, we have a chickens derived from a variety of breeds:  Rhode Island Red, White Rock, Barred Rock, Turken, Astralorp, Brown Leghorn, Bantam White Leghorn.  We brought in ones that were selected for brown egg laying and good-natured personalities, thus we have even roosters that get along fairly well and don't attack people.  We have a variety of colors, markings and sizes as a result of the genetic blending.

 We keep some hens in a barn to make collecting eggs easier. There are always some roaming the yards with chicks. 

We sell young laying hens for $25 and straight-run (unsexed) chicks for $3. 

Fresh eggs $3.50 per dozen, $10 for 3 dozen, $5 for carton of 18.

Call (530) 219-0897 to arrange a pick up time and place.  We go into Davis frequently so can bring some that direction.