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A work in progress...

Dr. Chan had the good fortune to purchase the former Sierra Children's Home/Fred Finch Youth Center in 2012.  It has great potential, with two large residence halls, a classroom buildiing, office building, 2 bedroom bungalow, 2 barns and 13 acres of land.  The site was closed down in 2010 and some of the buildings boarded up with leaky roofs since 2001.  Thistles and weed grasses filled the grounds.  Much work needed to be done.   We have been working since then to repair the buildings and improve the grounds.  Over 100 trees and shrubs have been planted and a good number have survived the harsh summer heat.  Pastures have been cross-fenced to house our sheep and cattle, who help create firebreaks. 

After years of discussion with the county, we now have a plan to create a "private educational use."  There is a need that we would like to fill:  We have been working with day programs like No Barriers & Seasons, children with Autism, and in discussion with the International Rescue Committee's Roots Program director.  Our hope is to have the county pass a change in the zoning ordinance to allow us to teach agriculturally-based job skills, health and well-being, and animal-assisted therapy sessions. Then we will need to apply for a conditional use permit and an environmental impact review.  If that is approved, we will need to bring the site into ADA compliance.

The applications alone will cost us $14,000.   You can help us with this burden by your tax-deductible donations to CETA Foundation.

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