American Miniature Horses

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We started breeding AMHA/AMHR registered miniature horses in 2002.  Though we have not shown them, the herd sire has an impressive pedigree and has given us great babies.   We keep them in a herd setting so we have been able to learn "natural" horse behavior and herd dynamics.  All our horses are clicker-trained and many can't wait to show off their favorite tricks for visitors.  We put our breeding program on hold to focus on our therapy and teaching programs. 


Our herd stallion is Mystic Rose Fortunes Lil Dynamo, full brother to Mystic Rose Pass the Buck at Sierra Ranch.  His pedigree includes Brewer's Dynamo Fortune 500 and Top Banana.  He threw babies that have beautiful refined heads, nice compact bodies and long legs.  He has been retired from breeding but we still have two of his colts in case we decide to "make more horses."

The mares come from a variety of sources.  A few are ready for retirement, others are in the prime of their reproductive lives.  All have been easy birthers, good mamas and gave us wonderful, healthy babies.  We also have a number of colts, fillies and geldings.  Babies are handled from birth so they learn to enjoy being with people. We find their favorite scritchy spots and win their hearts like they win ours.

   All of our horses are very special to us.  We feed them three times a day and allow them to mingle in a large area, so we get to know their personalities well.  Some are assertive, some are shy and sensitive.  Some are fast learners, others take a little more patience.  Just like kids!

Our horses are available for clients to learn from and enjoy.  Because we have a wide selection, we can match horses with clients' needs and abilities.  If there seems to be a good match with a person who can give a horse a good forever home, we may allow them to move on.  Otherwise, Phoenix Ranch will be their forever home for any horse who was born here or comes as a rescue or donation.


Miniature horses are horses bred down from regular horses to be small but have the same proportions.  For the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), they must be under 34 inches at the withers (shoulder) at 5 years old, for the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR), B class horses must be under 38 inches at 3 years old.

Some horses are the same size as a big Laborador Retriever.  Others are the size of Great Danes but lots more muscle.  They all have the same behaviors and needs as full sized horses.


They can be trained to pull carts and larger ones can be ridden by small children.  Some have been trained as guide animals for the blind.  Many people like to show them competitively.   We just love them because they are adorable and as interactive as dogs, but they don't make much noise and don't jump up on you when they are happy!  They can be taught tricks (we use a clicker for faster learning) and love to show off what they know.  And it's fun to watch them race around the pastures because they enjoy it so much.  Their winter coat is as soft as your plushest favorite stuffed animal so it's hard to keep your handsoff them.  The smell of a horse is earthy and wonderful.    A rough day is easily forgotten when you have one of these to hug!