Miniature Cattle

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We are developing a line of miniature cattle that produce high butterfat milk, are docile and safer to handle and will produce lean beef that can be humanely harvested.  Our original dam cows are full-blooded Jersey. We have some heifers with Galloway or Dexter genetics.   Our bulls are Jersey with Zebu and other bloodlines, looking like small Red Angus.

The cows and bulls live together in family units as much as possible.  We allow the cows to nurse their calves until they go to their new homes, making for healthier babies.  The cattle are fed hay with some pellets, vegetables and dayold bread. If they aren't on pasture 24/7, they are let out for several hours a day to exercise and graze.

 We hope to have at least 3 calves in 2015.

Boo Cow

Little Chief Red Bull & Jed